CAC Nantong Chemical Co., Ltd. (“the company”) is a joint-stock enterprise established through integration of the core assets of CAC Group to focus on the areas of crop protection and new materials. Relying on proprietary technology and unique products, the company combines manufacturing management expertise with international market reputation to provide direct distribution and customized services on a global scale. As industry leader in many of its core products, the company has been awarded "National High-tech Enterprise", "China Pesticide Industry Technology Innovation Award", "China Chemical Industry Top 500 Enterprise", "China Top 100 Pesticide Manufacturing Enterprise", "China Top 100 Pesticide Industry Enterprise" and "Top Ten Socially Responsible Enterprise" among other honorary titles.


Since its establishment in 1992, it has adhered to the core values of Integrity, Team Spirit, Cost as Priority and Innovation for Excellence. With the determination and pioneering spirit of the CAC people, the company has made great progress in manufacturing, technological innovation and market development. It has four production bases in Nantong Rudong, Xuzhou Xinyi, Suzhou Xiangcheng and Jiangxi Xingan built with high QESH standards, an R&D center for new pesticides led by national experts and operated by professionals with PhDs and master’s degrees, as well as core technology teams focusing on ammonia oxidation, chlorination, hydrogenation and fluorination. The company has undertaken multiple national “12th Five-Year” and “13th Five-Year” projects and “836 Plan” projects. As the company strives to operate in sync with the group, become more global and build a successful brand, it has established strategic partnerships with numerous multinational companies, ventured deep into markets outside mainland China, including the United States, Brazil, and the European Union, and has established subsidiaries and research institutions in North America, Europe, South America and other regions. In short, the company embraces a global strategy with ABC (United States, Brazil and China) at its core and “5+1” development in synergy.


With more than 20 years of efforts in strict quality control, continuous investment in R&D, and effective brand building, the scale and technological level of production of pesticides TC products such as chlorothalonil, 2,4-D, azoxystrobin, thiocarbamate, and material intermediates such as MXDA and 4E, are at the forefront of the industry. Technology R&D, engineering capabilities, customization and domestic brand business, integrated manufacturing and professional team growth make up the core competitiveness of CAC.


In the future, the company will build on its core competitiveness, by embracing the common mission of recruiting outstanding talents, pursuing new technologies, and promoting the harmonious development of CAC, society and nature. It aims to become the world's leading supplier of post-patent agrochemicals and specialty chemicals. It will achieve that through strengthening its core product chain and its understanding of the circular economy, as well as leveraging the status quo and future prospects of China's manufacturing industry to create an integrated manufacturing base with high standards. 

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